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Kenn-Tico Cuban Bar and Grill - 2nd & Grace - http://www.kennticocubanbargrill.com

We love this little hole in the wall Cuban restaurant.  I hope they get a lot of lunch business, because at dinner time, they are not exceedingly busy.  Having been one other time before, we invited a handful of friends to come with us for this visit.  The table split a Triple Cuban Dipper Appertizer, a pick-three dealy where we chose croquetas, tamales, and mini papas rellenas.  The croquetas!  Holy YUM.  

My favorite discovery here is in the adult beverage section: the Cojito.  Beware: this is not a coconut mojito, so do not order as such!  Bet I can make you thirsty.  Watchis:

[told you]

The bartender was a little douchey.  Our server was obviously of Latin descent, complete with mild accent, and the bartender was obviously of Amurican descent, complete with ego.  As our server tried to communicate our drink orders with the bartender, the bartender rudely told him “I can’t understand you!” so I was annoyed by his egotistical presence the rest of the night.  I had more cojitos to compensate.

Last time we ordered the Miami Sandwich and the Cubano Classico, both of which were amazing sandwiches.  This time, we ordered the Ropa Vieja Sandwich with Yuca Frita and Sopa de Pollo (yep, just plain old chicken soup).  Sandwich = flavorful, soup = hot and yummy like mom’s.  I didn’t care much for the Yuca Frita - they were very starchy and plain with no flavor.

[GWAR would call this a “meat sandwich”]


I did mention we went with a handful of friends, right?  The boys got bored and got creative with their choices of entertainment.

[it is football season, i guess]

We will definitely be back.  No one else in our group that night had tried Kenn-Tico before, but everyone seemed very happy with their food and service.  I am sure we will venture out again, especially since it is ridiculously close to our house!

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